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Address: 6509 Vaile Drive Elkridge, Maryland

Special notes from our groomer

Groomers see pets about every four to eight weeks (compared to visiting your veterinarian one or two times a year for most healthy pets) We have our hands on your pet from nose to tail, so we can often notice changes in your pet. Something as simple as a start of an ear infection to bigger concerns like a lump that wasn’t on your pet the last time your pet was groomed. Groomers can find many other problems such as fleas, hot spots and more. In addition to maintaining good hygiene for your pet, a groomer can play a valuable intermediary roll to alert you of concerns and recommend a visit to the vet.

The relationship between skin and matted hair

    Matted hair is not just a cosmetic problem it’s actually very damaging. Knots in a dog's fur turn into "mats" or solid clumps of fur stuck against the dog's skin.The pulling that the mats do as they become tight will damage the epidermis. The skin needs to breath in order to be healthy the mats create a barrier that keeps the needed air from the skin. It also traps moisture that can cause infections that weaken the skin. Mats can lead to a host of problems your pet can experience pain and develop skin rashes and other irritations.

Signs of this are continued scratching and chewing by your dog. As a dog continues to bite and pull on the troublesome fur his skin can become sore or bruised because of the constant irritation. Discolorations in the hair can be a sure sign that they may have an infection (hot spot) cracking and weakening of the outer layers of the skin.

    When grooming a severely matted pet it is best to clip away all mats from the skin, removing the mats from the irritated the skin so it can begin to heal. The groomer can also expose more serious issues that may need to be seen by a vet.

Regular brushing and grooming can keep your dog looking good and can also keep them healthy. A dog that has become accustomed to regular grooming and brushing will be desensitized to the grooming routine and will become relaxed during their grooms. This makes the process more enjoyable and safer for your pet and the groomer. Brushing your dog to the skin and taking care of knots immediately can avoid mats that can lead to serious health issues.